To mark the 65th anniversary of the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens, the Gardens’ Board of directors will be hosting a celebratory event in the William Lea Room on Sunday, September 24th, 2017.

Leaside Gardens’ 65th Anniversary Celebration will be partnering with Leaside-based Sarah and Claire’s Food Drive to not only celebrate 65 years of the Gardens proudly serving the community, but to also launch the food drive’s fundraising initiative of bringing more food to the tables of those in need this Thanksgiving season.

Starting at 10:00am on Sunday, September 24th, the William Lea Room will open its doors to the entire Leaside community to celebrate this milestone anniversary. Breakfast food, cakes, and beverages will be provided to friends and family who will be welcome to peruse displays of the Gardens’ impressive inventory of memorabilia it has accumulated over the years. Commemorative pucks will also be made available for purchase.

Sarah and Claire’s Food Drive will cohesively be running an “Eliminate Hunger” challenge; a large wall display of canned goods for sale spelling out the word “HUNGER” will be constructed in the William Lea Room, with the goal of eliminating the display by day’s end; elimination of the display embodies the hope to actually eliminate hunger in our city. All proceeds from the purchased canned goods will go to Sarah and Claire’s Food Drive. As well, large baskets will be set up for non-perishable food item donations. Members of the community, especially those who frequent the Gardens, are encouraged to bring a food item(s) for donation purposes.

The event is scheduled to conclude around 3:00pm on Sunday, September 24th.
For further information please contact Ann Brown, Chair, Community Relations, Leaside Gardens

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