The Leaside Skating Club (a non-profit organization) is dedicated to teaching the joys and skills of skating to people of all ages. We are committed to ensuring our members have the best skating experience in a professional and fun environment. LSC is not in any way be responsible for loss of property, damage, or injuries to persons, including participants while on the premises. Membership will be closed for any session which becomes filled. LSC reserves the right to change sessions or ice times at any times during the skating year, cancel programs where minimum registration levels are not met. LSC is not required to make up lost time or compensate members for closing arenas due to nature.


  • Refunds are not permitted after the 3rd class.
  • Refunds will be granted with a doctors note if sickness or injury prevents a child from being able to participate and the skater will be withdrawn from the program for the remainder of the season.
  • A $45 cancellation fee, per student, will be applied to all cancellations prior to the first session.
  • All refunds will be prorated.
  • A mid term session change will result in a $25.00 reprocessing fee. The fee is waived if the change is recommended by the Coordinator or Administrator

Missed Classes

Skaters are able to attend all classes as scheduled for the program in which they are registered. In the event that a skater is unable to attend a scheduled class(es) or there is a cancellation due to LSC Events or Leaside Memorial Garden Events, make-up classes, refunds, or credits for the missed class(es) will not be provided. The fees reflect these possible changes.

Guest Skating

  • There is a limit to 4 guest skates permitted in one season by Non-Club Members
  • Guest Skating fee $20.00 Non members, $10.00 LSC Members
  • Guest Skating is only available on Pre-StarSkate, Star 1 and Star 2 and Up sessions
  • Non-Club Members must be a member of Skate Canada and must have paid their Skate Canada Fees
  • Skaters may guest skate on the session they are qualified for
  • Permission to guest skate is at the discretion of the Club and is determined by the number of skaters on the ice.
  • Guest skaters may not try tests.

Concussion Policy

As a sanctioned member of Skate Canada, LSC follows their guide lines for concussion protocols and symptoms. For a full description of these guide lines please visit Skate Canada's Concussion Policy Page.