Power Skating is geared to skaters who already have basic forward and backward skating skills this session will continue to develop proper skating technique, and encourage mastery of core skills introduced in our Pre-Power Skating program. It will focus on skating technique, agility, power, and control through a series of drills and exercises. Skaters will be introduced to the skills from levels 1 to 6 of Skate Canada’s Power Skate program. For further information please contact Power Skating Coordinator.

  • One 45 minute session per week (10 minute warm up, 30 skill development, 5 minute cool down.)
  • As the skaters progress they will be introduced to more advanced skills
  • Skaters are grouped according to age/ability
  • Coaches reserve the right to move skaters to the proper session/group in order to maximize skill learning

*For more information visit: Skate Canada’s Power Skating Program.

Power Skating Schedule:

Day / Time Session Duration; # of Weeks; Cost Status
Monday @ 6:15pm - 7:00pm Session 1 (Pre Season) 11 Sep - 2 Oct 4 $115 CLOSED
Monday @ 6:15pm - 7:00pm Session 2 (First Half) 16 Oct - 18 Dec 10 $255 CLOSED
Monday @ 6:15pm - 7:00pm Session 3 (Second Half) 8 Jan - 9 Apr 12 $310 CLOSED