Private lessons are available to members who are registered with LSC in any sessions except Daytime Kinderskate.

Coaches: You may choose any of our skilled coached and it will be dependent on availability
Duration: Many of our coaches are available for 15 minute private lessons during the session
Price: Lesson rates range between $10.00 and $15.00 and are payable to the coach

Lessons are arranged when you contact the coaching professional of your choice. All decisions regarding the type, frequency, time of lessons and the possibility of using co-coaches/substitute coaches are between the parent, skater and coach.

It is your responsibility to inform your coach if you are unable to attend your lesson. Should you decide to make a change of professional coach, it is your responsibility to inform the former coach of your intentions. At this time, all bills should be settled.

If you would like further information on the availability of coaches, contact the Administrator.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer private lessons to skaters who are not registered participants in one of our programs.

StarSkate Private Lessons

In addition to the information above, at the beginning of the season, StarSkate Level parents and skaters should discuss the following with their coaches:


  • How many lessons per week?
  • Which lessons to have, on which days?
  • Whether a co-coach will be used?


  • For lessons
  • For Test Days
  • For music for Solo’s
  • For partnering of dance tests
  • For Competition Days


  • What Level is my skater currently at?
  • What Tests should I expect for the next year
  • Should my skater compete? What should I expect at a competition?
  • What is a Skate Canada Number and why should I keep it?